Wendi Friesen is an amazing hypnotist, and is poised to become known as the World’s Greatest. (Yes, everyone knows I’m a Bandler junkie, but even HE might want to watch out!)

Wendi has appeared as a guest on the internationally syndicated radio program Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory, and for the past year also hosted her own radio program. Wendi now provides free live teleseminars via her Web site, where she offers sage wisdom and advice on a variety of topics. Visit her site and click on the “teleseminars” link to check out upcoming topics and past archives.

You can also check out her hypnosis CDs on stopping procrastination, losing weight, public speaking, confidence building, migraine relief, insomnia, and even improving your sex life.

Wendi’s style and effectiveness are amazing, and her compassion makes her one of a unique few. Try her out and change your life.. or not!

What will you do?