A quick pic for all my new twitter friends… snapped March 24th 2009. Just about as current as they come!

Yup, that’s me, working hard at the office… and yes, that’s a bluetooth headset in my ear, but I *am* happy to see you..

I can’t remember if the bluetooth was on at the time; mostly I keep it in my ear so I don’t lose the darned thing or have it accidentally turn itself on in my pocket – a pocket is a dangerous place to keep it, because it has this annoying tendency to connect and call people at random. Maybe it looks goofy hanging off of my ear, but.. I just don’t care =)

Still looking for some site/app that will run on my Windows Mobile 5.0 Treo 700wx.. the mobile IE browser will NOT load the mobile twitter site, nor can I log into twitter proper using the phone.. any advice greatly appreciated! If you can help, twoot me a tweet @Lurquer =)