If you haven’t yet heard of Dala Girls, your life is not complete.

Dala, of course, is the absolutely amazing duo from Toronto. Their myspace page lists upcoming appearances through May 2010; their facebook page has over 1300 friends; their official page is absolutely gorgeous. And once word gets out about their twitter page, I’m sure they’ll beat out ashton kutcher and CNN combined! (And, yes, yours truly, @Lurquer, is following them!)

Check out this video of their new single, and listen to their stunningly beautiful harmonies and blending tones:


Now that you’ve seen and heard how absolutely amazing they are, hop on over to the MuchMoreMusic Top10 Countdown page and vote for “Levi Blues!” Here’s How:

  1. Open the MuchMoreMusic Top10 Countdown page
  2. Scroll down and look in the left hand column for ‘Levi Blues.’ It is five songs above the ‘Submit’ button
  3. Select ‘Levi Blues’
  5. Vote early, vote often!!!!!

Best of luck to you, AmanDA and SheiLA (DALA – get it now?)