More pics of LurqLurquer came into this world on December 24, 1970, and just like Gracie Allen, was so surprised he didn't speak for almost two years. It was a burst of enthusiasm from which he still hasn't quite recovered.

From the time he was old enough to hold a crayon, Lurq has been writing stories. His first penned work, written at the age of five, was a short fantasy story about a house he owned all by himself. His parents might have been impressed, but he had chosen to write the story in their Wedding Guest Book, and were therefore somewhat chagrined.

In the twenty-four years since, he has broadened his sights and has graduated to a computer, which he uses most of the time. He still enjoys, however, picking up the odd pencil or black fountain pen and jotting down character notes. He has briefly experimented with science fiction, fantasy, horror, and romance, but has now recognized his true calling as a Mystery Writer and is still aspiring to achieve that goal. He also believes that he is the first person to recognize that "Aspiring" is just "Aspirin" with a "g".

Lurq believes that people should have a well-rounded education;  in University, he declared no less than five different majors -  Latin & Greek (Classics), Theatre, Psychology, Sociology, and Studies In Justice and Law Enforcement.  Despite this, he still  managed to escape without a degree. 

Lurq's history of employment is wide and varied. He has worked as a writer, editor, human resource development officer, private investigator, bookkeeper, market research interviewer, tour guide, executive assistant, administrative assistant, promotional assistant, karaoke host, theatre hand, and consultant; he has travelled with a stage hypnotist, and also with a singer, where he even one day operated a spotlight. Recent developments, however, have placed Lurq in the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba, and it appears inevitable that he will obtain the elusive degree.

Lurq believes that his official nickname, "Lurker@Heart", is the most brilliant nom-de-clavier ever created, and has decided to name his mystery novel after himself. "Lurker@Heart", the novel, is the story of a private detective and his quarry, a psychopathic stalker who embarks upon a murderous career after being scorned by members of an online Chat room.

While he does indeed plan to be famous and fly to New York for coffee at three o'clock in the morning for the fun of it, he also knows that it will be a long climb. He's fully willing to wait a whole year.

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